Meet the Next Generation of Modular Cabinet Systems.

Introducing the KitchBOX.

A Modular cabinet system to fit every space, any purpose -- and is a breeze to assemble.

Many reasons to DIY with the KitchBOX.

The simple design and pre-installed hardware allow for assembly in three minutes or less! All you need to assemble the KitchBOX is a cordless drill, the KitchBOX Assembly Tool, and a mallet.

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We’ve provided a full 5/8" thick back that is attached to the sides, so the cabinet stays perfectly square.

There are more than 7x the amount of size offerings compared to IKEA®. Are widths are available in 1.5-inch increments between 12"- 24" in width and in 3-inch increments between 24"- 39" in width. See a full size breakdown here.

Along with classic white. the KitchBOX is available in charcoal to seamlessly compliment darker-toned fronts and panels. The KitchBOX is also available in a beautiful walnut woodgrain, which is a match to Fashionista, and a warm white oak woodgrain, which is a match to Sheer Beauty.

PLUS! We have made a few awesome updates to the KitchBOX this year, including:

  • The price point has been reduced for all KitchBOX pieces.
  • Boxes are now all 5/8" thick.
  • Interior widths have changed due to this the KitchBOX is no longer cross-compatible with IKEA.
  • Drawers are now on the BLUM Tandem system, and depths have increased (16" is now 18" and 20" is now 22").
  • We've added a Cabineo joint from the bottoms/tops to the backs (and removed the pan head screw), to create a much stronger back joint.
  • Box depths have been adjusted to suit the new drawer depths: 15" is now 14" (13.858" to be exact or 13 7/8"), 20" remains (20.157" exact or 20 1/8"), and 24" remains (23.937" exact or 23 15/16"). Add 7/8" for door thickness and bumper to all of these.
  • We've added new widths and heights in the KitchBOX. See a full breakdown here.
  • We've added a new 49 9/16" width for double deep island panels and select finishes are now available in 100" and 105" panels.
  • New drawer front heights of 7.5" and 12.5" plus a new door height of 70” to provide more flexibility with front designs.

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