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5 Simple Ideas to Breathe New Life into Your Bathroom

You’re reminded of it every time you walk in, walk by, or clean it for yourself or guests. Your bathroom is outdated, or, at least lacks the stylistic flare that once made it one of the most impressive rooms in your home. But renovations can get expensive and a full-scale facelift might not be in the budget. Not to worry, you don’t need to spend a fortune to give your bathroom a refresh; a few alterations here and there can make you fall in love with your space once again. Here are five simple ideas that will breathe new life into your bathroom. 

1. Add a Splash of Colour

A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive solution that can completely transform a space. Cool colours, such as blues and greens have always been popular choices for bathrooms, along with lighter tones. Dark colours in a small room can create a heaviness that makes the room feel even smaller. You can, however, complement light tones with dark accents to give a dramatic, yet sophisticated feel. If your bathroom is large enough, a feature wall can really make a great impression as well. Wallpaper (or even vinyl decals!) is on trend again and a beautiful pattern can help tie a space together perfectly.

2. Upgrade Your Faucets

When you’re using them every day, it’s easy to forget how much your faucets affect the appearance of your bathroom. If the finish is dated or grimy from years of use, upgrading them can make a big difference in the attractiveness of your space. A modern matte black or brushed nickel faucet for your sink basin and shower will help bring your bathroom into 2019. Finish off the space with matching accent pieces, like a towel bar, toilet paper holder, and shower head. 

3. Install Wainscoting 

If you’re after a traditional and classy aesthetic for your bathroom refresh, wainscoting can achieve your desired taste. Budget-friendly and relatively easy to install, wainscoting adds dimension and visual interest to the space. It can also cover up imperfections in the drywall that aren’t always easy to repair. As an added bonus, it’s extremely practical to maintain and keep clean. Available in a variety of different styles, and completely paintable, wainscoting is a great option to make your space feel new again.

4. Swap Out Your Vanity Doors

Your bathroom vanity doors and drawers take quite a beating. They’re opened and closed multiple times a day, accumulating unsightly nicks and scratches over time. Purchasing and installing an entirely new vanity can get expensive quick, but luckily you don't have to replace the entire unit to achieve a renewed look. Kitch offers a wide variety of cabinet doors for IKEA cabinets, one of the most popular types of cabinetry in the world. Swapping out the old door faces with the new ones creates the impression of a new vanity and gives you the option of customization. No matter your preferred colour, texture, or finish, there’s a solution for you.

5. Light It Up

New light fixtures can brighten up and modernize a bathroom space. In addition to the aesthetic improvements, a new fixture, with brighter lights, can actually change the feel of your space dramatically. It’s difficult to recognize how dark and dreary a space is until you switch to brighter lighting. Whether you have one main fixture, sconces, or some other lighting combination, brighten it up and take your bathroom from drab to fab!

 So you see, refreshing your bathroom doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. A few tweaks here and there can completely revamp the space. Adding some colour, texture, and modern finishes can bring your bathroom into the present day and work wonders for resale value. But most importantly, you can recreate a space that you can relax in, enjoy and be proud of once again!

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