Kresswell Interiors X Kitch: Behind The Design

Kresswell Interiors X Kitch: Behind The Design

Kresswell Interiors, a renowned design agency, embarked on a transformative journey to redefine their office space, aiming to reflect their innovative spirit and commitment to cutting-edge design. Inspired by impactful projects showcased on their website, the company sought to create an environment that harmonized creativity, functionality, and their signature style.

Project Overview
The goal was clear – to infuse the office with an inviting and classic aesthetic while ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and design. Taking cues from the flatlays below and distinctive styles featured in Kristina and Diana’s designs, Kresswell envisioned a workspace that would not only inspire their team but also make a bold statement to clients during innovative design presentations.

Design Concepts & The Signature Edit
After collaborating on countless spaces, Kresswell Interiors and Kitch thought the natural next step was to introduce a collection together. Enter the Signature Edit. Kresswell & Kitch worked to develop a collection that has the elements Kristina and Diana gravitate toward in their work - timeless style with a warm palette. Kresswell knew they had to include their exclusive style in their new workspace. After careful consideration, Kresswell decided on the Shaker Signature style for the general office space and the Shaker Twigg style for the dedicated meeting and presentation room. The choice of these signature styles aimed to bring a classic yet contemporary vibe to every area of the office.

Shaker Signature for General Office:
The Shaker Signature style, influenced by classic architecture, brought a sense of elegance to the general office area. With a large bank of cabinets and a spacious work table, Kresswell was able to incorporate functional and stylish storage solutions, optimizing the workspace for collaboration and individual tasks.


Shaker Twigg for Meeting & Presentation Room:
In the meeting and presentation room, the Shaker Twigg door fronts and panels from Kitch took center stage. This choice brought a touch of nature-inspired materials, creating a welcoming and conducive atmosphere for client interactions. The use of the Fashionista finish in Shaker Twigg added a layer of texture and visual interest, aligning with Kresswell & Kitch's commitment to innovative design.


The transformation unfolded seamlessly, with meticulous attention to detail in every stage of the redesign. The implementation of the cabinetry elements involved the skilled craftsmanship of Kitch paired with Vera Kitchens’ meticulous installation practices, ensuring that the final result mirrored the envisioned balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The redesigned Kresswell Interiors office space now stands as a testament to their commitment to design excellence. Elements from the Signature Collection were used to successfully create an environment that stimulates creativity and enhances productivity. The meeting and presentation room, in particular, has become a focal point, leaving a lasting impression on clients.

The Kresswell Interiors & Kitch partnership in redesigning their office space serves as a prime example of how thoughtful design choices can elevate a workspace. By drawing inspiration from past clients and infusing their unique style, Kresswell has not only transformed their office but has also set a new standard for modern, functional, and visually striking work environments.

Infuse their style into your space with their exclusive collection, The Signature Edit.

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