Designer Tool

Caution: Powerful software ahead!

We’ve spent years building out a 3D design tool to make your project come to life, without a visit to the big Blue and Yellow box. Take your time and ask any questions!

Step 1

Start with all the fixed elements, Measure your room, build some walls and add windows and doors

Step 2

Drop in the anchor elements (Sink, range, Fridge) and work from there. You can adjust positions in the left side bar

Step 3

Fill in remaining elements

Step 4

Anything additional can be added once your design is converted to an itemized order.

Our designer works in real time, Make changes on the fly (On site) and feel confident. Give the design a spin and see everything from each corner of the room.

With our designer, you now have the freedom of one-stop-shopping. Want a complete project in 5-6 weeks, now you can.

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